What should I do stay for the summer or go to South America?

Each summer I have a chance to go and be useful in the country, but I have some issues this year. I have to go to summer school which is optional. Should I stay and catch up with some credits or go on trip? It’s not easy to choose there’s a month left to make my final decision (=. Thank you so much for any thoughts, opinions on what I should do - Venu

Answer #1

Hmm, well that is a really difficult decision. If I were you I think the right one would be to stay and catch up w/ the credits(as unexciting as THAT sound) instead of the trip. If you think about it, you can always get another chance to travel later in your life… ESPECIALLY if you took the time to correctly do your schoolwork. You don’t really get second chance for that do you. To be honest, If I were in your place, I’d probably pick the wrong one(trip first). I’d convince myself it was the best way to go. So if you can choose your education as the more important one, then good for you. I know you’ll go far =)

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