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What should I do my corn snake is struggleing to shed?

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Hello I brought a baby corn snake about two months ago. He was healthy up until he got himself stuck to duct tape over night. He had torn off a lot of scales by the time I found him. He seemed fine but now I`m worried. It`s been about two weeks since.. He`s been eating fine but I noticed 4 days after feeding he still had a lump from him pinky and underneath the lump was red. The lump finally went and so did my worry up until it was time for him to shed. His eyes went cloudy and for a couple of days I sprayed him with water. Finally his eyes went back to normal.. But no skin was found. He hadn`t shed.. I check his eyes and tail but no skin was hanging off. Now I see his scales decaying and getting rough. They look dead and in a lot of places they are rough and feel like scabs. Red patches are appearing too. I`m so worried what should I do?