what should I do my boyfriend treats me like dirt?

ok so my boyfriend of almost two years treats me like just a friend at times. I say that its over but he just doesnt care. we love eachother, well I love him verrry much at least and I dont want to leave him, but im so sick of getting treated like this!!! he says he loves me and that he cares, but I dont see it. he drinks all the time, even when I ask him not to at times. ugh!!! anything would be great for advice! please and thanks.

Answer #1

well leave his butt if he can’t treat you right and how want to treated leave and don’t look back because my dad is a drinker and he use to treat my mom like dirt cussing her out and stuff until she finally said enough is enough and leave now he’s all heartbroken but my mom is soo happy now so do what’s best for you even if you love him

Answer #2

Gain some self-respect, realise that you don’t really love him or yourself and dump his butt. You can do better.

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