What should I do if I have a puppy a month old and has fleas?

Someone was giving away a puppy is 1 month old, I took it to my house but she has fleas, what should I do?

Answer #1

I fostered kittens only a week of age, covered in fleas.

Use a liquid dish soap. Bathe them with a drop of the dish soap on a washcloth with warm water. Don’t hold them under the water, use the washcloth to bathe them by hand. It works, and is much less harsh than flea soap. Animals that young can literally be poisoned by flea shampoos at that age.

Answer #2

You should take the puppy to the vet. Have a health check-up…

and as phrannie stated DO NOT use flea collars or flea shampoo on the puppy. It is TOO young.

Answer #3

Karba dust, it’s safe to use on puppies and other animals and isn’t poisonous to them. We used it about a month ago on our puppy for the same problem. Also do not wash your puppy too often it could irritate their skin (vet’s orders for us), but maybe bathing her once a week in puppy flea shampoo should work.

Answer #4

I don’t know for a puppy that small. You can just pick them off and throw the fleas in alcohol. That will kill them immediately.

Answer #5

NO!!! Flea soap and collars are too harsh for a pup this age. Wash all bedding, vacumn good…and bath pup in Dawn detergent. It will kill the adult fleas…

There are flea drops for pups after they get to be 9 weeks, plan on getting some from the Vet. They are still too young for Flea soap and collar at that age.


Answer #6

flea bath and flea collar should do the trick

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