How are my ACT scores?

I got a 28 on my ACTs. I was just wondering, b/c none of my friends took it too…is that score good/bad/average/embarassing??? What does it mean in terms of colleges liking me, along with other test scores?

Answer #1

Yes, that’s quite good. I got the highest in my school with a 30 :) I’m proud of it, I don’t usually brag about it. Haha. But I got a great scholarship with it, and you’re right at that level, so I’m sure you’ll be going to a great university!!! (Go ‘Canes!)

Answer #2

Well according to this site:

You are pretty much above average. The average of all the state seems to hover around 21. So I’d say you are doing very well. Good luck! :)

Answer #3

If you have a high GPA, a 29 could get you a full ride scholarship at some colleges!

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