A girl took my paper from me in class, what to do?

uh mm to day in class this girl took my paper and if she does it again what do I don’t I don’t want to look dumb

note{{she gets to smart}}

                       ♥i am quiet but I can fight should I smack her or say something to her♥
Answer #1

hell yea at least tell her sumthin, dont just let her punk you because you going to look like a bytch…I would of made sure that hoee dont do that 2 me, I let it be known noone fuq wit me so you should tell her straight up or kicc her asss

Answer #2

buy her a lot of paper if she dont have money to buy paper…:)joke!! kill her if she do it again..

Answer #3

you should talk to her…but if she wont listen then spunk her right to her face!haha

Answer #4

conversation not confrontation!!!

Answer #5

um yea definately say something to her… dont let other people push you around… that makes it look like people can bully you and take whatever they want from you just because your shy…

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