What should a 13 year old get pierced?

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I am sixteen, and over summer, I pierced my bellybutton myself, because I knew my mom wouldve said no.
she somehow found out, and made me take it out. a few days later it got infected, and I went to the doctor. On the way to the doctor, my mom said that if I wanted one, I couldve gotten one for my sixteenth birthday if I asked. getting it done by a pro is much better than doing it yourself. Now I cant get one at all because of the scar tissue. So basically, do it right the first time. WHATEVER you pierce that is. Dont pierce it yourself unless you want an infection. And your mom is gunna find out. I don't know how they do it.. but they will. lol. Try asking her first.. It wouldnt hurt. You might be able to come to a compromise.

after THAT.. and if she says no and persists, and you are stubborn and feel like you have nothing to lose and dont care about infections... go right ahead. May I recommend ice? lmao. something I didnt do... shoulda done. ow.

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those lip piercing all the emo kids have there really kewl

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people with tounge piercings cant talk O_O

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im 13 myself and I had my cartilage my ear lobe pirced && my nose .=)
my friend did my lower cartilage. I took it out because it qot infercted . but dont have to many pircings I think that gross and unatractive. im a PREP not "OMG" prep . I think if your like me your ear lobes cartilage and belly && a small dimond in your nose ;) . thats just me . my mom wont let me . soo my dad will . im qoinq to VAGAS to qet my navel done if my mom dont cave in soon . =/

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I would say your eyebrow... I have my tounge and its not like WOW

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you shouldnt...the eyebrow ring is just going to grow out, and being 13, itll probably grow out in less that a month...and I dont think a tounge peircing is something you want to risk getting now, just wait untill yor older, when youve learnt a bit more about peircings, side affects they can bring, scarring and such

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A thirteen year old shouldn't get ANYTHING pierced.

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Im a big fan of piercings BUT at 13 years old...the only thing that should be pierced honestly..is your ears, whether it be the ear lobe or cartilage or tragus. When you get your tongue pierced you risk EXTREME infection, can chip your teeth, and talk with a lisp..with your eyebrow..if it isnt done correctly..you can actually paralyze one side of your face...it's true..look it up..plus..it will leave a scar..and thats something that you will have to live with forever..even when piercings aren't so trendy..
Whatever you decide to do...research it on the web, talk with your parents, get it done professionally..and really really think about the risks..even though its something you can remove..depending on where you get it..it can leave a scar on your face for the rest of your life..and when the trend is over..that may not be so attractive.

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I have my lip done and I think it's pretty cute

and if you got your tongue done you'd be talking really weird =/
and eyebrow piercings are kinda trashy looking.

so get your lip or your belly button.

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I'm going to have to say... You are too young. I was twelve when I first started getting piercings. By age sixteen, I had seven piercings. Now only a year later, I'm down to four. I took them out because I got tired of them. They were a hassel. I do miss having them sometimes though. So my point is, think about this really hard. If you think it's a good idea, then go ahead and do it. But if you have any doubts, I would wait.

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neither--your 13!!! try your ears.

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Im 13 and I have 2 piercings on each ear, but thatz my limit.so you should get that .but if you can't decide that urself you shouldn't really get it because your unsure.

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I love percing so dont ask me id say get anything done lol

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Ok, you being thirteen and all, I would reccomend, um NONE. until you are at least somewhat older, and if you must let it be something not many can notice until exposed, for instance, a belly button ring.. :]

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eyebrow (= or belly button ring would be cute !

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your ears...
you're 13! that's sick nasty.

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Your WWAAYY 2 young! Maybe just your belly.

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