What shall I do, my 8 year old pointer bit my new puppy ?

I have a 8 year old pointer. He bit my new dachshound and he had to be stitched up. Do I need to re-home her or do you think I can sort the problem? I am nervous now.

Answer #1

Separate them…for now. However, if your older dog chewed this pup up bad enough to call for stitches, you may have to find the pup a new home. Puppy aggression is pretty rare in the dog world…dogs who simply do not like pups. Many adult dogs will discipline a youngster, but that rarely goes beyond a snarl and a snapl…or a holding down with teeth.

Remember this pups safety is TOTALLY in your hands…it’s YOU who must let the older dog know that this behavior is out of the question.


Answer #2

okay, seperate them for a while. then just get to meet each other and do that till they get along with each other.

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