What shall I do in the snow alone?

I want to go out in the snow but no one wants to come out with me. I don’t know what to do by myself so pleasee pleasee pleaseee give me some suggestions. Thankyouu xx

Answer #1

build a really ugly snowman with wonkey eyes, brick teeth so they look brown (eww) and a really huge, erm, nose lol

Answer #2

well I live in the hottest play in the world (well dunno about hottest) but it does get pretty hot anyways stay inside with a hot chocolate and watch telly, lol thats what I would do bub :P

Answer #3

naww thats so sad lol. Well I wouldn’t personally know because it doesnt snow where I live, but maybe…make a snow fort and snob bomb people walking past? aha and make a snow angel? Don’t really know if that will work though..Make a snow man ! And dress him up :) I’ve only been on snow once lol so don’t blame me if it doesn’t quite work. Hpe you have fun

Answer #4

Thankyouu for the comment. Well I will try them xx

Answer #5

lol :L but I want to go outsidee!!!

Answer #6

Its alright if anyone don’t wants to come with you and You just go outside alone and have fun with hot dishes.

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