Do people go to the club alone?

I want to go to this party at a club. A sorority at my school is hosting a party there. But, I have no one to go with me. Also, I live live a hour and a half journey away from the club. It starts at 10 and I will have to take the train and bus alone to get home. Do you think it is worth it. Should I go and have fun on a Friday night by myself.

Answer #1

nooo thats not worth it… an hour and a half away by yourself on a friday night there are some big creepos out there

Answer #2

why is no one going with you. if its to do with your school then you should know somboy right. ask sombody who is going if you can sleep round theres that night so you dont have to go home alone. or ask them to sleep round yours.

And yer you should go even if you cant go with somebody your sure met somebody you know there or just start talking to some body random. :P

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