What's your typing speed?

I just got asked in fun mail "are you a bot or something"...lol, made my day. Apparently, I was typing a lot, and fast, in my replies back to them. I checked my typing speed a few years ago, and it was somewhere north of 80 words per minute. What's your typing speed?

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I'm about a 102 or so. Depends. I can go a lot faster...but I choke during tests. lol =]

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They used to teach us at school.. and I got around 85 WPM as I can remember.. and a pretty hich accuracy too =]


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in 6th grade I got 106 words per minute during some keyboarding test haha.

I think my speed is around 96 or something though. not sure why!

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im not sure I know its that fastest but im not slow technically eitheir

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I don't know but I can type pretty quickly and accuratey if I want to! ;)

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I don't know, I dont think bout it!! I can type pretty fast like 30,50 words per minute!

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My accuracy at typing in 98% much better than my speed at 86%. I was taught on a Underwood typewriter that required us to manually pull a space bar and set margines.

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my typing speed is pretty fast. I dont really know how fast, probably around 70/80? I've been typing for a really long time and I used to do those super annoying typing lessons at school a long time ago... :]

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Im not sure, where do you find out?
Hahaha, sometimes I'm fast and sometimes I'm slow. Depends how I'm feeling, honestly. Hhaha.

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I can do approx. 95wpm wih 99% accuracy, and 112wpm with only 97% accuracy. People at my work claim I'm showing off when I type...but I'm not..honest!

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