What's wrong with me, I feel so stressed

I have no idea how to describe this feeling I have, but I’m going to try anyways. Okay, I feel like I have soo much stress, way too much to do, not enough time, and yet I can’t seem to pick myself up to do it. I feel like there’s no reason for me to live, but I’m not having suicidal thoughts because I know that would be wrong. I’ve been feeling annoyed by everyone, even if they didn’t do anything to me. I feel sooo tired, but I’ve had enough sleep. I feel like I have nobody at all. I don’t know what to do!!! Even if there was somebody there so listen, I have no idea what to say, because I don’t know what’s going on with me right now. Help, please?

Answer #1

There’s nothing wrong with you! You are overwhelmed by the everyday thing in life. We all have been there at one time or another. When I have been that way I had to actually take 10 minutes and Quiet my mind. Wipe out the negitive thinking and meditate on the positives. Try this exercise…sit for 1 minute with a smile on your face and think of one positive thought…it’s amazing what a smile on your face does to you. It brings back those feel good feelings…Try it There is a book I am reading called “The Secret” … it about your thinking and how to change it…hope this helps

Answer #2

its hard to try to understand how you feel but perhaps you feel a little lonely? and like your not happy with what yyouve done all day…like you could have done more, or something better? if its that then id suggest taking a new hobby or two! you can do anything you want, maybe take up a sport, a team one or one you can do by yourself, or something else like drawing or I dont know…anything! you could also try telling someone you trust how you feel…like a counsellor, parent, freind, relative, teacher, ect. and get these feelings off your chest a bit. I hope that helped

Answer #3

Well everyone has ups and downs in life. Sounds like you are in a down part. Lots of reasons can make you feel that way for example if you aren’t sleeping enough (or are sleeping too much) that can make you feel depressed and explain why you lack the energy to do stuff. Also if your time is filled up with work, work, work then it’s normal to feel overwhelmed, loose motivation and be impatient with people. We all need leisure time to rest, have fun and be with the people we love. Life is about balance.

You say you feel stressed and have too may things to do. Maybe you should try doing less for a week or two and take some time for you. There are moments in life where we need time to think, to figure out what we want, and event o be down a bit. These are important time in our life where we learn more about who we are, what we need and what we want.

Also, the best antidote to stress is exercise. Try swimming, running or a group sport to help get rid of some of that steam. Make an effort to go out with a friend and talk about how you’re feeling so you don’t feel alone in this. Learn to accept how you feel yet know that you’ll pull through and feel better soon. Think of all the wonderful dreams you want to and will fulfill, think of the simple things that make you feel great ( a warm shower, a swim in a lake, a hug, a kiss, etc.). Work towards creating special moments in your life to enjoy all those things.

Answer #4

Dear jumbledthoughts, First thing to do is see a doctor. There are many medical reasons why you may feel this way. Through simple exams and perhaps a blood test they can easily pin point a problem. This is always the place to start. If they do not find anything and they say perhaps you are suffering from depression…again it is not a complicated process to go to counselling and perhaps be helped with medication. Today we never, ever need to suffer without reason. Be proactive and see a doctor ASAP…why suffer when you really need not to. Sue…good luck

Answer #5

You don’t list your birth date in your profile so we have no way of knowing what age bracket you are in.

If you’re in your teens, what you are experiencing could be a result of the hormonal and emotional changes that you are currently going through.

If you are older, you may be just being overwhelmed with the daily events in your life right now.

In either case, either find someone on this site that you feel comfortable communicating with and Fun Mail them using them as a sounding board. Otherwise consider posting more questions with more specific information about what things in your life might be bothering you.

Answer #6

ure overlwehlemed

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