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Why is my girlfriend acting emotionless?

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ok this is how it goes ...
we've been going out for about 5 months, and she recently changed her attitude towards me. She seems not to care about anything much and stays most of the time home. She does not approove any interest into our relationship anymore and preferes to do nothing than to hang out.
Now, few days a go, I bought her a gift and she just took a 2 seconds look at it, said it's cute and gave me an emotionless kiss ... she wasn't like that before.
That's just an example of what's happenning. This shit is beginning to bother me because I don't really know what's happening to her ... I know her friends well and she doesn't seem to be interested in somebody else cause she's on AOL most of the time ...
Does anybody have any ideas about what might be going on ?
thank you