What's the reason for being rejected by family?

What’s the reason for being rejected by family? Well, I’ll tell you the story, I was adopted from China at 5 years old turning 6 and, my parents were fine until I grew older. Things started changing for me as I grew older, like for example: all of us as a family would go out and about then, I was the last person to get out to the car, and, when I was about to get into the car, my sister locks me out and then my mom starts reving up the engine. Of course, I started screaming and crying as usual and I was about 7 at the time. As I turned in my teens, things started getting worse to where my sister starts making fun of my nationality which she’s adopted also from Kaearia and forgive my spelling. Both her and my mom started saying that I’m stupid and retarded and, since I have a disability which is a visual impairment, and been blind since birth, they also think that I’m mentally dificient. (The more this turned sour, the more trumma there was). At 17, I wanted to comitt suicide because I didn’t feel welcomed anymore and, now I have a PPO against my father because he was doing allot of fondling, touching, ect. when I moved out. Sometimes, I revert back to those suicidal thoughts and hope that if I did comitt suicide, my whole family would be happy. But, I know that’s not the opption since, I’m trying to live LDS/Mormon life as a convert. The only family that I have is the LDS church and, they all love me and, I also have a friend who is also like a grandma to me and a member of the church. I can’t leave those people behind for I know everyone in the church would be devastated. So, how come I feel so rejected? Let me know your thoughts on this. Oh, by the way, to let you know, I’m 23 now and still struggling.

Answer #1

people can be so cruel… I’ve talked to you and you deffinately dont seem stupid or retarded… if your mom and sister say that its their problem. Not yours.

Its good that you met people who care about you, stay with them.

one question, is your family still treating you like this?

Answer #2

Hey, quess what? My life sucks too!! But the thing is you said you wee blind.. How can you type? Sorry, it’s most likely a misunderstanding. And your 23? Well, you can’t change the past!! So stop dwelling on it and move on! You’re life will be much better if you meet new people and don’t talk to the people that make you feel bad. Trust me, you’ll feel better. Now, if only I could take my own advice… >< Good luck, kid.

Answer #3

People can be very cruel. Sometimes the ones that are the closest to us are the most cruel. It sounds as if your “mom” and “sister” , and I use those terms tongue-in-cheek because they ARE not the definition of the words, are cruel beyond words. I think that it is great that you live in an apartment and have your own church friends. One good friend in life is a gift and it sounds as if you have many. What has happened in your past DOES NOT define the rest of your life. You are on the right path and have become a good person. Just keep going forward and enjoy the fact that you are out from under that horrible, abusive roof. They are a sorry lot. They DO NOT deserve you.

Answer #4

thats so terrible! trust me, if anyone here is mentally dissabled it is you mother and you sister! there are people in this world that love you, and you have learned this through your church. suicide is deffintely not the way out because now you can find happiness with your friends at church. never give up!

Answer #5

as jello said people are cruel.

I guess your ‘mother’ and ‘sister’ are worth nothing but dirt, they feel good about making fun of you.

dont give up get your own place or maybe an apartment with a friend live your life and dont listen to what people say about you, you are a human being and you arent stupid or retarded.

Answer #6

You need to speak to someone asap because they do not let people like that adopt and if the authorities knew how you were treated im sure they would be up against charges or something. That is the most horrible thing I’ve ever heard and you really need someone to talk to. Please find someone soon and I hope you are ok. xx

Answer #7

they are TOTALLY jealus of you. dont let them get in the way.

Answer #8

I live on my own in a apartment. Loved your answers.

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