Nude around family

Has anyone ever been nude around family members, and if so what was the reason and did you feel comfortable

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I went to a few nude beaches in Slovakia with my aunts, uncles, counsins, etc. I felt uncomfortable at first, but then I just stopped caring cause there were so many naked people.

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of course! steam bath with my mom and sister and my couz and my bestfriend.. girl stuff like that.. Ü feels great, seeing us like eves in the steam room.. lol!

nude if front of family members

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I havnt been completly nude but probably half naked around family thats cause were all like that we are all comfortable with our bodies

Nude in front of Family Members
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I have seen pretty much all my family nude, I am the most shy member of the family. I have only been nude with my sister when I was little and one other time when we ate dinner. I was slightly uncomfortable but I would have been even more so if I was the only one wearing clothing

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yeah in front of family after shower

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When I was a kid my mum would take me to say with my aunt and uncle they lived out in the countryside with no one round by them as we live in town with no garden when there my mum would strip me off and let me run round naked and when my mum went home my aunt would strip off a join me naked as did my uncle and when his mum and dad and his brother and wife and kids and his sister and her friend would come round on the weekend they would all be naked as well it was a few years later that my auntie told me that they were all naturist I even went on a few naturist hoils with them my mum did not know they were naturist but some of my other aunts did and when as a kid I stop with them and there kids they would see me naked with there kids as well at bath time or when getting changed and I was comfortable as anything with it even now I have been to see my auntie and uncle and if they are naked I will join them as does my wife and even if we take our kids with us we will all be naked and just like them we are now naturist as well

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