How to learn to ride a skateboard?

how do you start to ride a skateboard

Answer #1

just pracitce balanceing and if your going to try doing tricks like ollies or kickflips I would suggest practing on grass a little so you dont hurt your self to bad

Answer #2

I suggest you buy a skateboard and practice balancing. Just buy a really cheap one at first just in case you aren’t wasting your money if you don’t like it. I’m sure there are some learning techniques for skateboarding on youtube. Try and practice the basics as much as you can. Introduce yourself to some skateboarders, or get one of your friends to learn with you so you aren’t alone.

Answer #3

learning how to balance the right way and learning how to go forward are the simplest things to learn when your beginning!

Answer #4

my boyfreind is teahcing me to skatebord, ask someone you know to help u, if not jsut constantly practice

Answer #5

u get on the sk8board and go forward

this helps right lmfao

Answer #6

I suggest learning the balance first. just put one foot on the front of the board and use the other foot to push (just a little your first times) and then bring it up and put it on the back of the board and roll. most people cant even stand on a board like that so get that down first.

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