What's living in the city like?

I’m kinda movin’ to the city.. and I live more in the country right now.. so I’m curious.. answers?

Answer #1

I moved from country to atlanta and in the big city you will find. 1.beggers harassing you on the street. 2.so many things such as library,school,systems,stores 3.TOO MANY PEOPLE 4.rude, loud,heartless people

  1. no hospitality 6.southern cooking resturaunts are horrible
Answer #2

The air is much worse but you have more access to post , bargain shopping, and internet.

Answer #3

Loud,crowded,polluted,smelly,strange,exciting…etc…I am a more country girl.I never lived in the country but I would like to.It seems so quiet and a nice place to think.

Answer #4

theres just a lot more people around and lots more buildings and much less quieter!

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