What do you like most of your city.?

What do you like most of your city, I mean the weather or the place where people go and so on.

Answer #1

I like the local snacks in my city— Beijing. Chatang (茶汤,iterally “tea soup”) or seasoned flour mush is a traditional gruel common to both Beijing cuisine and Tianjin cuisine, and often sold as a snack on the street. It is made from sorghum flour and/or broomcorn millet and/or proso millet flour and glutinous millet flour.Established in 1858,this restaurant has enjoyed good reputation for Chatang / Miancha / Youcha (茶汤/miàn chá 面茶/yóu chá油茶).

九门小吃-Nai Lao Wei (nǎi lào wèi 奶酪魏) Like yogurt, its cheese is smooth and sweet. If you travel Beijing, you should not miss Cheese Wei, which is one of the three best cheese shops in Beijing. What’s more, its wonderful and cheap cheeses.It was established in 1857.

you can get more information about the Beijing snacks on http://www.foreignercn.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=4855:jiumen-xiaochi-&catid=25:travel-in-beijing&Itemid=40

Answer #2

It’s the oldest city in Germany, has Roman ruins, has a large marketplace with great restaurants, has a beautiful river surrounded by vineyards, and has an excellent nightlife.

Answer #3

I dont live in a city, but near one, lol, its pretty cool I guess, its just like every other city, just smaller. what do you like best about your city?

Answer #4

I love where I live because of the summer weather, the museums, and our pizza is famous!

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