What's "good" about the Republican party?

I read a lot of democrat bashing in the political forum. And, I have to admit, I started one question that wasn’t very favorable towards republicans. So, what’s good about that political party these days? I’m curious. I’d rather think on what politicians do that’s positive, rather than negative. And I have to admit, I’m far behind on the news vis a vie the GOP.

Give me your best, most positive and recent republican news. I’m all ears.

Answer #1

you have to read in on both sides…Fox News, Newsweek are a few networks, Bill o’reily, Rush Limbaugh,and sean hanity are republican news icons.. CNN, ABC, Dan Rather, Katie Couric are democratic… be sure to read both sides CAREFULLY to make your opinion, the Media is very bias in the news they cover

Answer #2

theres nothing good about the republican party. ha no just kidding. but if youre going to learn about the different parties then you should know the good AND the bad. its important to be well educated when making a decision on which party to support. I’m part of the green party. http://usa.usembassy.de/government-parties.htm

Answer #3

there is good and bad in every party; it all depends what your opinion is. Im libertarian. I belive it takes the good parts of the republican party and the democrat party to make a SUPER PARTY!

Answer #4

Not a whole “Helluva a lot”. I myself am Consertative, Independent the best of both worlds.

Answer #5

well it really bugs me when people talk about the parties and are very judgemental like that. Republicans are a very imporant part of our government. theres good in both parties. republics and more independent than the democrats are and YES REPULICANS MIGHT BE REDNECKS AND THERES NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! if you believe in hunting and so forth thats also somethin the republicans stand for. honestly I think our whole government is all f’ed up. republicans stand by the second amendment a lot more than the democrats do but theres a lot of good about the democrats too dont get me wrong; its just I’m a strong republican.

Answer #6

if your a liberal that makes this question impossible. what you think is good, most likely isnt good to a conservative. one good piece of good news for a conservative would be that 1,500 terrorist have been killed or captured in Iraq each month since january. but then a liberal would say that the war should end. its good news to a conservative but bad news for a liberal.

Answer #7

NOTHING! There a bunch of beer swilling rednecks. Just look at ol’ Dubya. He came in and put us in a state of f*ckdom worse than ever.

Answer #8

yeah he is right.

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