What picture is on your desktop background?

Desktop background??

Answer #1

Its a picture of my boyfriend. Its the only one where hes smiling,and it makes me happy whenever I see it. haha that souns so corny. but whatever :]

Answer #2

mine’s a picture of jaguar paw, from apocalypto, running from his enemies. it’s a pretty hot background…not to brag or anything. ;)

Answer #3

mine is a pic of organic carrots lol inside joke

Answer #4

on my aunt’s computer now, its fish…but on my laptop, its a pic of dogs..lol

Answer #5

A picture of a coral reef.

Answer #6

Mine is a Hubble photo of early galaxy formation.

Answer #7

mine is a windmill =]]

Answer #8

mcr lol

Answer #9

lol…mine is a picture of me burning a couch on the dunes in REXBURG IDAHO. lol. chip…you’ve got to understand that one, right???

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