What on earth is scene?

I’ve seen quite a few people on here and on other sites calling people scene, saying they have a scene haircut/style etc. What is scene? Perhaps I haven’t been out much recently haha, do these people dress, act, talk a particular way. Are they similar to any other kinda group. What’s your opinion about it?

Lol, let me just add I’m not intrested in becoming ‘scene’ I am just curious as to what it is and what’s so appealing. : ]

Answer #1

scene is just kinda like emo but they dont cut and scenes are more popular

Answer #2

its a phase… nothing more…

Answer #3

Its abit like very girly emo but obsessed with lots of cute things like hello kitty and big bows and stuff xx

Answer #4

Haha Emos don’t cut either, not all of them.

Answer #5

its just another like ‘sub culture’ of teens around the world. like goth, jock, prep, nerd etc.

its pretty much girls with long hair boofed up with colours in it and cute little hello kitty tshirts and bright leggings with hardcore makeup. some people combine it with emo, personally I think scenes are kind of attention seekers, not in a bad way I guess. I dunno.

but yeah they are really into music and ‘cute’ things like hello kitty and teddy bears and lollypops and they always take photos.

Answer #6

its basicaly a soft core happy colorful bright goth style. punked out hair. trend setters. they go agaist the norm(not nesicarily in a bad way jusy unique) usualy between ages of like 11 and twenty five at the most. they miz cuteness and big bows with peircing. adults are usualy not scene. haha I know its funny this “scene” thing wasnt around in the 90’s.

Answer #7

scene is pretty much just a fashion thats for drawing attention if you look up scene girls a lot of the hair styles look like racoon tails and have animal prints on them and theirs a lot of colorful clothes

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