what- negative hpt, but im 11 days late, what else could it be?

ok so my last period was on the 20th of november, and its now the 28th of december, and I havent come on. I did a hpt yesterday and it came up negative… I’ve got signs of been pregnant such as

sore breast missed period feeling sick metalic taste in my mouth and feeling really tired

but if im not pregnant what else could it be?

Answer #1

to find out if your pregnant take a pregnancy test 2-3 weeks after you had sex (any sooner and the results won’t be accurate) in the morning with your first pee is the best time and take it when your period is due alternatively, see a doctor for a blood test this will both let you find out quicker and give you more accurate results

those can all be symptoms of pregnancy so if your not pregnant they may be caused from stress if you keep thinking your pregnant

Answer #2

you need to go to the doctor. the symptoms that you have really point to pregnancy. but u might not be. you need to see a doctor

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