What meat do you eat on Christmas?

What meat will you be having for christmas meat?

Answer #1

We moved into a house in France last year and heard loads of birds in the farm across the stream. Then we got to know our neighbours, the farmers. I went up to the market a few days before Christmas and asked our neighbour Katie (pronounced Cattie) what she would recommend for our family. She suggested a capon (it’s a bit big but we like to have ‘left-overs’). A capon is a castrated cockerel, and Katie and Thiery feed theirs very carefully on corn and milk so that the meat is really special. So, this Christmas, I’m going to do the same thing. I’ll ask Katie’s advice and see if I end up with a capon again (different recipe) or maybe one of the guinea-foul which have been making such a racket all year!

Answer #2

shrimp & steak

Answer #3

turkey and ham

Answer #4

Turkey and all the servings in the American style. Homemade tamales the Mexican style.

Answer #5

Roast Chicken. Yumm <3

Answer #6

ham yum for the most part honey baked ham

Answer #7

The traditional Christmas Ham, with probably roast Lamb/Mutton and some Chicken. Mmm… meaty goodness…

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