Eating meat freaks me out!

I’ve been a vegetarian for 2 years almost. Ocasionally I will have to eat meat at a family dinner or something like that where people make you food and they make meat- so you have to eat it. I always liked meat I just stopped eating it because I felt bad for the animals. Now I cant even look at it.. It makes me want to pass out!!! And when I have to eat it I hate the taste of it,,, is this weird?

Answer #1

not at all…I liked meat but stopped for the same reasons…even the smell off beef turns my guts up lmao…its normal..your not the only 1 x

Answer #2

ya tell your family your going veg and if they dont respect that tell them your simply not hungry if there is no other option for you!

Answer #3

Well being a vegetarian is!

Most of the animals used to eat have no use! I.e. male cows

Their only other use is as a pet, so if you want to protect them, buy them and keep all your animal friends as pets, because you cant save all the damn animals… you smell!

I hate your kind

lol, not really, just dont eat meat if you dont want to, its your choice to make and dont let anyone change that!

Answer #4

Nope, its normal, I know someone just like you, just tell them your a vegetarian and they should respect it.

Answer #5

nopee, my vegetarian friend hate meat too along with the sight of it occasionally

Answer #6

no I have 2 cousins who are vegetarians and they feel the same way now.

Answer #7

nope it is not ,, I know a person who is exactly like u

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