What makes someone hot to your eyes

I'm just curious to hear different people takes how someone hot in their eyes.

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Their personality... the vibe you get when you walk past them... their body, eyes, lips..

mmm :)

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I think the eyes, smile, personality, body, sense of humor, oh- and a 6 pack.;)

Wow I really do have the perfect boyfriend haha :)

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Physically hot? I love a guy with large, muscular hands. And I always fall for a gorgeous smile with some pearly white teeth!

And I love confidence, but not cockiness in personality.

he is eating you with his eyes!
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Good sense of humour = Instantly sexy ;) lol

Someone who's kind, lovable, honest, open minded, respectful and most of all acts themselves and doesn't try to show off :)

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I see beauty in all girls in my case. It will take a lot for a girl to push me to the point where she ugly in eyes. I don't why but I feel like every girl deserves to me be called pretty for once in their life. I just wish some guys would take the time to see what I see in every girls. It not always about looks

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umm well to me what make ssome one hot to mi eyes is when they have a AWSOME smile! I love it when guis laugh a lot and have AWSOME teeth it sos hot!


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The sad thing I find is the girls on myspace were a guy could only be hot if they have a 6 pack.

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straight looks wise
I like pretty eyes and a nice smile and how they carry themselves.

When we see each other we stare in each others eyes?

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