Would you dump someone for not being hot?

would you ever dump someone because they weren’t hot?

Answer #1

At what point in your relationship did you decide he wasnt what you wanted?

Dont be so shallow> Its what inside a person that matters the most!

Answer #2


Answer #3

well yeah I know!! I fell in love with this guy because of his personality. and one of my friends was like “he’s not hot enough for you just dump him because you could do better.” and I can’t believe she would actually do that!! I mean why would you even dump someone just because they weren’t hot?!

Answer #4

they should like yew for who you r, not your looks

Answer #5

No, if I wasn’t attracted to them I wouldn’t go out with them in the first place.

Answer #6

No, its personality that counts. :)

Answer #7


Answer #8

forget about how they look. there is absolutely nothing lasting that is based on how they look. do you like THEM? not how they look but really them. this friend dosent seem very smart if she hasnt figured this out yet.

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