What kinds of jobs can I get if I don't go to college?

Hi, my name is Kalie & I’m thirteen. I’m already thinking about my future, which is kindof bad. But, I would like to be a Writer, or a Photographer; I know that you don’t need to go to college for either of those, but if they don’t work out for me, or I change my mind, what are some jobs I could get if I don’t go to college, that makes good money ? I’m planning to stay in an appartment when I get old enough to; so I won’t need majorly big payments untill later on in life.

Answer #1

If you want to be a writer or photographer you will need to go to college. You will be competing with people who have their degree in those fields and you will not be picked for any jobs. If you really do not want to go to college then you need to think about a trade school. Talk to your school councilor about it.

Answer #2

It’s sad but in today’s world you NEED a college degree to be able to set yourself apart from other applicants and be able to take care of yourself. Nowadays you would need at least a Masters. Even for a photographer or writer.

Answer #3

without college you can basically work retail like walmart macys etc or construction most jobs that would hire a non college grad pay only like $15 per hour at most college is deffinetly a must these days

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