What kind of perfume do you like?

Elizabeth diamond..or that one that has a skeleton on it and it says love kills, or body spray..any? What kind that your more into?

Answer #1

I like the So…? fragrances and the Britney Spears perfumes. Also the Bond Girl. They are really nice and sweet and stuff lol!

Answer #2

My favorite is called “Hello Sugar!” It was sold at Bath and Body Works(until it was discontinued D: ) and it was a christalline splash that smelled like lemon and a little bit of freshly baked sugar cookies! Lol, yup, I like sweet stuff XD!

Answer #3

the good vanilla kinds

Answer #4

I will spray anything that smells good or pleasant but im not good with naming perfumes or remembering the brand

Answer #5

I like flowery perfume

Answer #6

wait I like sandlewood

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