What kind of doggy breeds is my mutt?

I got her from the humane society a couple months ago and they thought she might be part Australian Shepherd, but she doesnt have any of the temperments an Australian Shepherd might. She doesnt bark, only growls and is extremely wary and skittish (however that may be because shes a rescue) Shes getting close to 6 months old and I still have no clue! I’m thinking maybe Husky because of her tendency to roam…what do you think?

Answer #1

They do dog breed DNA testing now. The breeds that different companies check against vary, and can cost between $45.00 - $150.00, and generally take 2-6 weeks to get results back. You should ask your vet first if he/she can do the tests, my vet charges $65.00 for DNA testing.

Google dog breed dna test and check to see which you can afford if the tests aren’t available through your vet.

BTW, I had a beautiful Husky and Wolf mix, and she had the most stunning blue eyes!!!

Answer #2

She’s got a blue eye, I’m sure that’s why they said she had Aussie in her…but she certainly shows hound…Beagle, maybe.

Aussies can be very skittish and leery of strangers…also, she’s still a pup. Her personality is still developing…


Answer #3

try getting up piccys of which breeds you think she might be and see if she looks like them :) because sometimes you can see the breeds straight away if you see the resemblance to pedigrees

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