What Is Your Opinion On The Economy?

You know how the economy is f*ed up and everything,right? ‘Course ya do,unless you live in a cave. What’s your opinion on the whole thing? And do you think Obama is really helping America get off our aes?

Answer #1

The actions Obama is taking are more likely to cause the recession to drag out and result in inflation as part of the cost of reducing short term unemployment. That’s why gold has shot up in recent months.

Obama is now paying banks interest on their reserves as a way of promoting higher reserve levels. This is a way of countering the inflationary nature of the rest of his policies. But no-one knows what this concoction will result in (beyond more government debt of course). He’s conducting an uncontrolled experiment on our nickle. If we’re lucky, it won’t cause too many big problems.

Answer #2

I just can’t wait until it’s all over and everything gets better… Some people think Obama can just snap his fingers and presto, the troops are home and gas is $1/gallon. It doesn’t happen like that, it’s going to take a lot of time.. I just hope it happens in our generation lol.

Answer #3


who know what obama will do. hopefully something good.


Answer #4

If Obama hadn’t done what he did, we would not be pulling out of the recession, as we are now.

Answer #5

I hope that Obama will do something quick. I doubt it, but there’s always hope!

Answer #6

The economy is slowly improving.

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