What is your faveorite eminem song?

Ok well I love eminem and I just want to know what your faves are and if yhu perfer the old eminem or the new one? I like the old eminem and I still love eminem no matter what so mah fave song is when im gone :)

Answer #1

The Way I Am… I don’t know, what do you mean by old Eminem? I have only heard the Marshall Mathers LP and later, nothing before that lol.

Answer #2

Definitely the old Eminem. I really like his old music. Though I do like Beautiful as well.

My faves are: When I’m gone Mockingbird Toy Soldiers.

Answer #3

I think theres only two that I really really love the first one is toy soldiers an the second one is beautiful ummm I think thats what its called but its kinda new

Answer #4

I agree with you. I love when I’m gone ! if you like that kind of music, listen to this ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Q8nRfC8NPQ

Answer #5

I like all of his songs but I prefer his old songs betta..but three of his new songs I like are forever ft li wayne,drake and kanye west;;I made you ;;and drop tha world ft.llil wayne… my favorite old songs are mockingbird and like toy soldiers

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