What is wrong with my fish?

Yesterday I got three fish that are living in a big bowl. However, this morning I put the ‘Tap Safe’ stuff in that cleans the tap water and all day today they have been swimming at the top of the water and opening their mouths. I don’t know if the Tap Safe is a coincidence or if it has anything to do with this, but I’m worried about them. I have fed them a pinch of the food once in the morning and once in the evening, but they are still doing it. What’s wrong with them or am I just over-reacting???

Answer #1

put it in when you clean the bowl so fish arnt in there than let it sit for a while then put the fish in!!!

Answer #2

Don’t put anything in unless its disolved in water, your lucky your fish aren’t dead.

Answer #3

You put the chlorine drops into the tap water?? You should use them or filter the tap water thru charcoal before putting into tank. The chlorine drops helps to eliminate the chlorine hazard in the drinking water.

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