What is wrong with my cat?

My cat casper is very old I’ve had him for more than 11 years we found him when he was already full grown but thre is somthing wrong with him and I dont know what, no matter how much he eats he will always have his ribs showing and no he dont have tape worms he would be dead by now , he always has a dicusting smell coming from his mouth and he stays in the same spot all day we feed him bathe him etc, what is wrong with him?

Answer #1

He may have an abcessed tooth…when an animal cannot chew it’s food properly, it cannot get the nutrician it needs…as time passes, basically it starves to death. A young cat might be able to pull this off for a while, but as with old people, old cats go down hill fast.

I got an idea…why not take him to the Vet. Wouldn’t it be great if all he needed was to get a tooth pulled?

Older cats also suffer from kidney failure (but since you said he’s still eating, I didn’t bring that up…)


Answer #2

Hmmm. Take him to the vet… In case he does pass away, Or for when he does, If I were you I would start looking at new kittens. Im NOT saying he’s going to die NOW, But im just saying that MAYBE you should start looking at new kittens. -Dogluver.

Answer #3

Awww poor thing. I agree with satanheadbangstometal ^ Hes old, and I’m sorry but it sounds like his time is nearly up. Its great hes made it this long! I suggest you just try your best to make his last year or so nice for him.

Answer #4

He’s an old man. Think of an old person. So of them become unable to care for themselves and get put in a nursing home.

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