What is wrong with me, theres bleeding?

Me and my boyfriend were laying down in bed (Thrusday January the 7th) with underwear on and his penis was near my vagina. (Dry humping) There was no semen and no penetration. My period is irregular, and two days ago (January the 14th) I got a little bit of bleeding. I believe my periods coming but I am not sure. What do you think. Do you think I am pregnant?

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no its just your period

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My last period was in December.

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Um...no. Its next to impossible that you are if you only did what you say you did.

How old are you? It takes a long time for periods to become regulated. Are you on birth control?

Its WAY to early to tell anyway. When was your last period?

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I am so nerves still haven't gotten my period and that small bleeding went away. maybe I was ovulating or implantation I doubt inplantation because there was no semen. right?

what does it mean if she contiinues to bleed?

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