What is your school like, mine is terrible?

My school is terrible, we have had bomb threats, dozens of sucides, almost a school shooting, tons of kids dieing and 47 cases of herpies in a near by high school. So tell me is/was your school ever like this?

Answer #1

LOL I live in australia, and what IS an outback steak house? lol do you mean in the desert or something? or at our schools.. hahaa yeah my school is a public one (not private) and everyone gets along fine even though there’s like 1000 kids there or something

Answer #2

my school in australia wasnt anything like that the worst thing there is really are fights which occasionally happen when some stupid kids disagree on something or one of them slept with another ones boyfreind or some crap like that, and they want to fight though I beleive a lot of american schools would have problems with violence since its legal to own a gun over there down here its not unless you have a license if I was at that school, and even one of those things happened, I would leave

Answer #3

hows that funny?

Answer #4

well im in the US and to be specific im live in kansas and you have to have a license for a gun over here to and I cant leave ,we cant move to a new home because we are poor and all the other schools are to far away

Answer #5

lol at my school we had a bomb threat and this thing happend because someone brought a gun to school and we have two different schools in the same building and they have fights with our school and things like that haha xD my school is easy haha

Answer #6

oh and do you guys in australia have a outback steak house im just curious:-)

Answer #7

lol sucides really?

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