How to like school?!

how can I like school? espeically friday’s. P.e, then double science. its hell. how take I like it? I don’t take notes on the stuff we do.

Answer #1

Think school is hard? College/University are way worse. It’s not all fraternities and keggers, it’s a hard slog if you want to walk away with a degree.

You don’t have to like school, but it’s one of those things you learn to deal with. It’s the same with maintaining a household- I hate housework, but it’s something that needs to be done.

Answer #2

O_o look at it this way… at least you dont have to have tests in human anatomy and latin… lucky you. you try taking 8 pages of notes per hour… 5 hours a day

Answer #3

Everyone Hates School You Just Have To Get Through It. I Have To Go To School Tommorow. :(

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