What is this plant growing in my yard?

I have this plant (I thought it was a weed) that kinda looks like a small tree now. Is it a tree or can weeds grow that big… it’s almost like 4 foot tall and has like a thick trunk…

Answer #1

A lot of trees are also weeds, lol. Where do you live, ty?

Here, the manitoba maple is an invasive species, I’ve seen them grow a foot in just two weeks. You really do need to take a few pics for ID, close up of leaf, and zoom out for overall shape.

Answer #2

lol, I live in miami, and yeah it grew it like 3 weeks, as soon as I get my cam back I’ll take a pic!

Answer #3

I could tell you what it was if I had a picture… and the location.

Answer #4

its most likely a small tree but I need a pic

Answer #5

Is there a way you could take a picture of it?

Answer #6

just tear that sucka out yo’!!!

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