What - is this a real law?

Okayy so I was looking around on the internet for massachusetts laws. Well, I found some. Guess what one of them said…”snoring is prohibited, the only way you are allowed to snore is if all your windows are shut and doors sealed and locked!” that is the exact quote from where I found it. Is it true? Or no? Im 14 so I cant tell if it is or not…=]

Answer #1

Well, it could very well be a real law, but not one that is enforced anymore. Like, I believe Mass also has a law where you can’t use tomatoes because I guess around the time that law was made there was something wrong with the way the tomatoes were grown and they were getting people sick or something like that. So it’s a possibility, I guess. Your age doesnt determine whether or not you know something, for the most part. I’m sure there are some adults out there that don’t know the answer to this either. Haha ;)

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