What is there everything to know about a lgneon cell phone?

Im getting a lg neon phone and I was just wondering like how good are they? Are they simple? What do they consist of? What do they do? What sucks about them? And yeah everyting about it like are they a touch screen? Can they take pics?… stuuff like that xd.. =]

&& do I get to pick the number for it?


Answer #1

I have th neon too =] it is pretty simple I adapted to it in th first 24 hrs it has a camera,video,and voice recording you can download music it comes with a 50 dollar free airtime card,if you get th prepaid they only have touch screen DIALING(when you dial a number) has a fairly large screen I dont like how you can t change th color of your photos after you take them sometimes has bad battery life DO NOT drop it some people might consider it almost bulky you cant really pick your number but other thn that , I love it hpe I haelped if you have anymor questions funmail me

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