What? Is there a way to download and put music on Itouch w/o Comp?

My computer is currently not in access for awhile and I can’t buy the songs from iTunes. I do have WiFi. Is there a way I could use LimeWire or something like that on my iPod? HELP…

Answer #1

I believe you’ll have to jailbreak it first. I strongly advise you to not do this unless you have someone who is experienced. Also, if something is to happen to you iTouch (break, stolen, etc..) the warranty will not be accepted. You can find how to jail break your iPod on iTunes or YouTube. Becareful if you decide to do it yourself. It might brick and you could lose all your songs and information. Another alternative is to get Rhapsody, but it cost money and I believe you need a computer for the set-up.

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