what is the safest way to fast?

I have tried fasting before but I’ve recently heard that you wont loose any weight from it if you don’t end the fast a certain way… does anyone know the best way to come out of fasting?

Answer #1

Fasting is religious, and should be done only for that purpose. If your trying to lose weight eat smaller portions and eat only when your truly hungry. I know from experience fasting is not a safe way to try and lose weight. If you do try and fast, know that once you eat you gain all the weight back and more.

Answer #2

Fasting is a religious purpose not for losing weight. If you want to break the fast, I’d try to eat small meals to get on a diet. You can buy Special Kay cerials to help you lose weight. Once you start eating, you’ll be putting weight on. There is no safe way to fast since we need food and air in our bodies. If you want to fast, use it for a religious purpose only.

Answer #3

yeah I always think of it as a religious or protesting sort of thing. but fasting is a really bad way to diet, all you’re going to do is screw up your metabolism

Answer #4

Yes fasting is a religous disapline, when you use it for weight loss then your muscle gets destroyed long before your fat will.

Answer #5

What’s a safe way to live without air… there isnt one… food is a basic need for your body… much like breathing…

Answer #6

Eat a little about 6 times a day, and be sure its healthy. :)

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