What is the right weight for my height

I’m 5’4 how much should someone my height weight

Answer #1


Height and Weights for Teen Girls

Age Range Height Weight Percentile 12-13 years 60 – 63 inches 95 – 105 lbs 50%
14-15 years 63 – 64 inches 105 – 115 lbs 50%
16-17 years 64 inches 115 – 120 lbs 50%
18-20 years 64 inches 125 – 130 lbs 50% <<<

Take care !!

Answer #2

every one is different… I hate it when people think you have to weigh a certain way for your height… well unless you have far hanging past your thigh I wouoldnt worry tooo much… lmao… just kidding ummm it really really depends

Answer #3

I used an ideal weight calculator, and it said your ideal weight would be about 130 pounds. Far from underweight, and far from underweight.

A healthy weight for you would be about 116-145…

Remember to keep in mind that there are many factors in determining one’s healthy weight. For example, you could be in your healthy weight zone and still be considered overweight because you have a small bone structure. Or you could be considered ‘overweight’ because you are an athlete with lots of muscle. (Then you wouldn’t really be overweight!)

The best place to determine a healthy weight would be at your doctor’s office. They know what factors to keep in mind. Truth is, the internet isn’t the best place to determine a healthy weight.

Answer #4

Hope I could help. :) Feel free to ask me for any advice. This is the best place to ask for help!

~Emily AKA Emmalism

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