What is the reason you bought your pregnancy test?

What was it that made you suspect you were pregnant? Was it as simple as missing your period? Or did anyone have an inkling before hand?

Answer #1

With my first pregnancy I missed my period so I bought a pregnancy test. With the second I missed my period and I had a feeling, with my third I didn’t need a pregnancy test to tell me, I just knew.

Answer #2

I had a feeling. I was sick, tired, and had weird cravings all before my missed period. Also, (this may sound gross) a lot of women will have loose stools (bowel movements) or more frequent bowl movements during very early pregnancy. Oh, and my chest hurt. I took my test a day early and it came out positive. I am now 6 months pregnant with a little girl.

Answer #3

I just had an inkling that I was pregnant. I felt ‘different’. Oh, and the morning sickness (ugh, and early evening sickness) clued me in too that there was something going on.

Answer #4

It was as simply as missing my period.

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