What is the proper way to eat a lobster?

I always make a mess when I eat lobster so I want to know if there is a proper way to eat it? I figured at first that the bibs meant “go crazy”! However, I might be wrong since the only time I have eaten lobster in a restaraunt is with my parents when I was fifteen. I have a date coming up and I invited her to dinner at a lobster house near my condo. What is proper edicate when it comes to busting into one of the bugs.

Answer #1

Before lobster is served, it is cracked at all points with the tail split in half. Use a cocktail fork to remove the meat dip it into melted butter. If your lobster is served cold, it may be served with mayonnaise. Eat the tail meat by pulling out one piece at a time. If you pull out a particularly large piece, cut it with your dinner knife or fork before dipping. Place the empty shell pieces onto a separate waste bowl or plate.

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