What is the proper way to cut and eat a grapefruit?

Everytime i try and eat one it turns to mush from me trying to get the pieces out to eat them.

Answer #1

i try picking it with my hands i know it takes along time to get the tiny seeds but its worth it took me 15 minutes to get all the seeds out and cutting it would just mush it

Answer #2

Cut it in half then spoon it loose around the sides then section it and put sugar if u choose and enjoy :-)

Answer #3

oops wrong answer sorry

just use a sharp knife

and cut it slowly

Answer #4

I cut mine and it doesn’t mush, maybe u get ones that r to ripe

Answer #5

i was talking about pomegranate oops sorry

Answer #6

I find simply cutting it in half widthwise and then using a knife or spoon to loosen it around the sides,

Answer #7

Oh ok its cool :-)

Answer #8

Cut In Half Lengthwise And Spoon It Out

Answer #9

yum,, its really good with sugar:)

Answer #10

I just like to peel mine like a orange and just eat it.

Answer #11

This is how my Mom eats grapefruit.

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