What is the point of war?

so many people today are involved in some sort of war, wether it be in ireland between the cathlics and the protestants, or the war in iraq…

and they all say that it is all in the name of god!!

can anyone please explain to me what the point is, I mean come on who acctually believes that god told some one to kill someone else when one of the ten commandments is “thou shall not kill”

so really if you are killing in the name of god you are disobeying him! and killing against his will!!

Answer #1

The other party wants, what you got, dersires to dominate (power hungry), or wishes to impose their will on the non-willing.

Answer #2

War is more or less human nature. Since the beginning of recorded history there has only been a period of about one day where one was at war with anyone else. That one day is all the time there has ever been world peace added together. I mean at every war there are always excited eager young men to go and fight completely confident of victory. As much as I may not like to admit this,even I’ve thought about how great and exciting it would be to have a full scale war. The logically side of my brain says this is nonsense but they excited part is always there and it only takes a little hate to flame it.

The media doesn’t censor, it just shows what it wants us to see and belief. Also I highly highly doubt world war 3 would ever break out. We are so economically dependent on each other now that large wars are pointless. Besides I don’t see how a world war 3 wouldn’t just end civilization and possible life as we know it.

Answer #3

The point of war… there is none is just another excuse for people to do stupid things that affect pretty much everywhere in the whole world. It pretty much is the goverements of nations being ignorant about the real issues and thinking they can solve it with petty volience. A prime example is george bush in Iraq yes we all understand his point of veiw on what happened in 9/11 but honestly how is killing more people going to help the situtation. It’s very logically and I don’t see why people cannot seem to grasp the concept. It’s the US that pretty much controls the world right now which is honestly down right pathetic because it should be equal etc but it’s not. The US abuses it’s rights and feels the need to take more lives, take other countrys oil, etc. The media is also to blame the cenceorship is soo freakin bad it’s not even funny they play down wars all the time for who evers side they are one. OUr world today literally messed up and so off balance I would not be suprised if another world war broke out. Anyways this is why I live in canada so I don’t ahve to deal with the whole war thing canada is like the peace country nobody hates us!

Answer #4

I don’t think that all wars are waged in the name of God.

Some wars can be because someone attacked you and you decided to defend yourself. Usually the attacker wants something of value e.g. gold, oil, slaves, diamonds, opium, revenge, pride etc. The attacking nations have a tendency to use religion as a justification for what they have done.

It is important to note, however, that the most deadly wars in human history havn’t been fought over religion, but over power. The deadliest regimes in the history of man have been the communist regimes of the 20th century. The Soviet government killed 20 million of its own citizens during the Great Purges in the 1930s. It killed that many of its own people again during WW2. The People’s Republic of China killed 67 million people during the “cultural revolution” of the 1960s, not to mention state-mandated abortions over the past two decades. Even most people who would consider themselves “pro-choice” wouldn’t agree with forced abortion.

What’s the point? Money, Power, Glory, Sex. Some people fight because they think its the right thing to do. When preparing to send combat troops into Vietnam, President Johnson said “I do not wish to send the flower of our youth, our fine young men into battle, but as long as there are men who hate and destroy, we must have the courage to resist” (As it turned out he was lying about the pretext for going to war in that instance)

I think that the willingness to do protecting someone else’s rights is one of the most admirable qualities that a person can have. I suspect that there may be times when a person could find himself / herself fighting for a just cause. However I tend to agree with Pres. Carter on this point: “There are times when a war is a necessary evil, but no matter how necessary, it is always evil.”

One last thing: The commandment “Thou shalt not kill” was written in Hebrew. There are several diffent words in Hebrew for “kill”. The one that is used in the commandment is a term more properly translated “murder.” Hebrew has different words for killing in war, killing in self-defense, and execution. The term that is used in the commandment is a term that refers to killing without provocation or without cause.

Answer #5

yeah I get all that but really why do they need to launch grenades and guns and bombs and all the rest of the crap at a country and kill the innocents??

Answer #6

Ya got me…I guess mankind is kinda stupid, after all…What I do know is, they’ve been having them since the beginning of time…religion, land, possessions…a maniac or two that needed to be taken down (Hitler, for instance)…The only time in MY lifetime the US wasn’t directly involved in a war, was between the Vietnam War, and the first war with Iraq…which wasn’t bad…it was nearly 20 years…Hell, they even got rid of the draft…

I don’t forsee another 20 year period of peace, tho.

Just think…in England there was the “100 Year War”…a person was born, lived and died, and it was still going on…the same ONE!!

Answer #7

Most wars such as world war II and other wars along with the segregation of the blacks and whites in the US all started with one thing: the greater race. Its called ethnocentrism meaning: you think your ethnicity is the center. meaning you are the higher race. Take world war II for example. Hitler started off as a good guy with good intentions and then power struck and he thought his race was higher then the jews thus leading to concentration camps and other things. Now look at out segregation problem that the US had. are we any better than Hitler when we thought hitler was so terrible. So most wars are started due to economic reasons or ethnocentrism. :P

Answer #8

it can be argued war is unavoidable and is natures way of reduceing the population

Answer #9

What is the point of war?

population control

Answer #10

The point is simple: one country wishes to gain something (economically speaking) by virtue of entering in to the conflict. It’s not a question of religion, it’s a question of money.

Many US corporations made lots of money from the war in Iraq…and that’s what it was about. The Carlyle Group, as an example, is partially owned by the Bush family, both presidents made serious cash a result of 9/11 and the ensuing global conflicts.

Odd, but interesting fact.

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