What is the hottest nail-polish color of this season??

right now I have a dark brown almost redish it looks good but what do you guys think its the hottest color, I found this great place near my house that sells nailpolish sooo cheap and they have all colors

Answer #1

orange is a really good spring color! or a mint green color looks fabulous!!…and its perfect for St. Patty’s day =)

Answer #2

you can’t beat anything pink, metallic, shimmer, sparkles, or just plain. and yes OPI is the BEST brand ever!

Answer #3

I like OPI’s red nail polish range. they’ve quite a lot of rich red shades. :-)

Answer #4

you know its kinda hard to give advice ‘baut it ‘cause its … you’re chose !!! you know I’ve black nail-polish !!! BLACK nail-polish 4 ever !! haha so … chose is yours !!! Do it what you like !!! not what others do … you know whats the hottest thing everr…be different and do it what you Want!!!its the hottest thing everrr…

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