Must nail polish color and toe nails match?

In wearing nail polish, must the color of your fingernails be the same with the color of your toes? :) just asking…

Answer #1

just paint them colors you normally wear so you you atleast look like you are trying to match in some way hahah

Answer #2

no they dont but they have to similar… as in red toenails and pinkish nails are fine but not red toenails and black fingernails.. thats not fine.

Answer #3 them however u feel lik,n i agree wit juniperone jus match wen ur goin on an evening or som important party

Answer #4

Yes they need to match. Not neccesarily your outfit…(unless you want to change them everyday), but they need to match each other! You don’t want to look color blind, do you?

Answer #5

well most guys wouldn’t care. i’m a mam wouldn’t think twice about weather or not they are the same color. females, on the other hand notice. i think they should match your outfit. if you don’t want to be that picky just atleast, make sure that the two colors go together.

Answer #6

I think it only really needs to match if you are going out for an evening on the town and are dressed up. Once you are over 30, though–it tends to look like you are trying to hard if you go for that look. The younger the better with that one.

Answer #7

No, in-fact… My wife right now has white finger nails & black toe nails HAHA… She just did this today, so… And she were sandals all the time… so, My guess is that it doesn’t necessarily need to match… That a little bit of contrast is fine & fun right?!

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