What is the funniest joke you have ever heard?

What is the emost funny joke in the word I cant get over this one what did the indian say when the dog ran off the cliff… …dog gone

Answer #1


a marriec couple has been fighting, and now they havent spoken to one another for a couple of days. In the evening the man puts a note on the kitchen board. It says ‘wake me at 7 AM’. Next morning he oversleeps and wakes up at 10. On the kitchen board, he finds a note that says ‘It’s 7 AM now. Wake up!’.

Answer #2

My fav joke is my friend suxcestfully mated a bull dog and a shih tu and I the breed is named bullsh!t

Answer #3

My sister told me this one. If yo find it racist it wasn’t my intent so my apologies. I don’t think you will though.

A mexican crosses the boarder on a bicycle and the border patrol pulls him over and searches his backpack. There is nothing in it. He lets him through. The next day it happens again. This goes on for five years. A year later the mexican was at a bar and the cop runs into him. “He says, I know you were smuggling something all those years and I could never find it. Could you just tell me? We can’t do anything about it now.” The mexican looks at him and just smiles really big. He says, ‘’bikes”

Answer #4

A young couple trys for a baby with no luck, doctor gives them a new drug. Sure enough she has a baby. But it is just a head, but healthy. Years go by,kid turns 21, father takes him out for drinks. First drink kid grows arms 2nd drink legs so on till the kid is whole. Father gets exited buys the house a round, poof kid disappears. Moral of story Should of quit when he was a head

Answer #5

Ever seen a blind elefant? Neither has he.

Answer #6

what do you get when you combine a elephant and a rhino? EL IF I NO!!! hahahhaha

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