What is the difference between an ipod touch and an iphone?

What is the difference between an ipod touch and an Iphone, if I have an ipod touch can I use like a phone Too or I can not anybody knows the difference tell me please?

Answer #1

lol really? it’s logical… ipod, lets you listen to music and you can play games and go on the internet. but you can’t use is as a phone, why you ask? because it’s an IPOD. not a PHONE.

iphone, you can do all that plus, oh my gosh, here’s the big one! USE IT AS A PHONE AND TEXT PEOPLE! omg that was so hard!

Answer #2

iphone - you can use for calls as well as it has mostly all of the features an itouch has

itouch - is similar to an ipod but it just has a biger screen that is touch sensitive, you can use it for music, movies, games, a day planer… but nooo an itouch isn’t a phone… that’s why it isn’t called an “iphone”

google it up if you’re still not clear!!

Answer #3

The clue is in the names ^_^

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